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The Apple Mach Register

Do you have an apple tree in your garden? The Apple Mach Register is a record of apple varieties growing in the Dyfi Valley. It tells us which grow and fruit well in our climate and gives local people the opportunity to propagate their own trees from proven varieties.

Browsing the supermarket shelves, you would not guess that over 2,000 varieties of apple can be grown in the UK. Each has its unique taste, as well as other qualities such as early fruiting, long storage life, disease resistance, or especially beautiful blossom. Some varieties have facinating links to their localities such as the Bardsey Island and Pig Aderyn apples.

Please send us details about your tree(s) by completing the Apple Mach form. If you don't know what kind of apple you have tell us about it anyway - you may be able to get it identified at an "Apple Day" (see the Common Ground website on the links page for Apple Days which are usually held in October).

Each year in February/March we hold a grafting workshop at which you can propagate a variety from the register and take home your newly-grafted tree. So you can eat apples choosen for their taste instead of how well they can withstand being trucked to the supermarket.

Tell us about your fruit tree (download Apple Mach register form) >>

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